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Yavor Totev is an online personal trainer, fitness model and  the general manager at He has over 14 years of experience in the fitness industry. Yavor started to be interested in sports from the age of 8. He started playing tennis followed by judo training for about 4 years, practicing basketball, boxing,  sports dancing and finally focusing on fitness. He won his first race in men's physique division in 2013 and after that, he wants to focus on helping people just get in shape and see the fitness through his eyes . And through his eyes  fitness can be really beautiful. His philosophy in fitness is that a  man  has to train and  to do  what he likes  in the way he likes and because he develops himself and is acquainted with the  new tendencies and innovative things  not only in the fitness industry  but also in modern and fancy life.


Training program by Yavor Totev

When you purchase Yavor Totev`s training program  you will get  ROUNDED WORKOUT ROUTINE DESIGNED SPECIFICALLY FOR YOUR in appliance with:

  • ✔ Body type and training experience 
  • ✔ Current mobility and body capabilities
  • ✔ Your lifestyle
  • ✔ The results and goals you want to achieve 
  • ✔ Workouts can be prepared for a gym, home, outside activities 


Update to an old program by Yavor Totev

Updating your Comprehensive Program or Exercise Mode

  •   ✔ One free email consultation within 30 days


E-Mail consultation by Yavor Totev

Yavor Totev will answer all your questions related to: 

  •  ✔ Trainings and techniques 
  •  ✔ Nutrition principles and regimes
  • ✔  Nutritional supplements and anything else that interests you


Live consultation with Yavor Totev, (IL only)

By requesting this service, you will be able to:

  • ✔ Meet Yavor Totev at the office in Lincolnwood, IL
  • ✔ Discuss with you your goals and ways to achieve them
  • ✔ Discuss with him your daily routine and how it can be optimized to achieve a more beautiful and viable physics