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The coaching platform at is designed to motivate and help anyone who wants to be self-sufficient and wants to get to the fitness industry, which is not just an industry, its a lifestyle. The goal of reaching professionals is to get people who just want to look good, to feel good, to express positive energy, and to look at the lives of the vines on the beautiful side.
If you are looking to change your vision, self-esteem, and sense of life - our Coaches will show you the way and motivate you to reach your coveted goal!
To do this, we at chose only:

✔  Top Specialists with many years of customer experience
✔ Pro Athletes,NASAM personal trainers, fitness models with hands-on experience
✔ Dedicated people who love what they do every day! brand guarantees you:
➨ Individual approach
➨  Real, visible and tangible results
➨ Professionalism and honesty
➨ Use only Healthy and proven methods!
* All programs and services at are a guarantee of quality and an individual approach!
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IFBB Pro / Online Personal Trainer / Fitness Model 

Dusan Krstic is a personal trainer and a sports therapist. He has over 12 years of experience in the fitness industry. He became an IFBB PRO in July 2019. His main focus and goal are to help others reach their fitness goals while teaching them the importance of health and nutrition in an everyday lifestyle....


Polina S. Pencheva

Online Personal Trainer / Pro Boxing Coach / Fitness Model

Polina Pencheva is a personal and online fitness and boxing coach. For the time being, she devoted herself to a healthy lifestyle that aims to improve the quality of life and health of people through a variety of diets and moderate workouts.She has been doing boxing since 2002. Till  2013 Polina is 8 times champion of Bulgaria. It means that nobody in Bulgaria had been able to win in her category for 8 years.  She has been doing professional boxing for 3 years and has 17 pro fights......



Online Personal Trainer / Former NPC Men's Physique CompetitorFitness Model

Yavor Totev is an online personal trainer, former NPC men's physique competitor, fitness model and  the general manager at He has over 14 years of experience in the fitness industry. Yavor started to be interested in sports from the age of 8. He started playing tennis followed by judo training for about 4 years, practicing basketball, boxing,  sports dancing and finally focusing on fitness...



Ivan Ivanov

Online Personal Trainer /Former Wrestling competitor/Fitness Model 

Ivan Ivanov is a personal fitness trainer with over 15 years of experience in the development of trainer programs and diets. He had been training Greco-Roman wrestling for over 10 years and was a champion of Bulgaria..At the moment he is a fitness trainer and it is not just his work or pleasure, it is his lifestyle. He specialized in developing workout plans and nutritional regimes for women. Ivan has got unique results with women from all kinds of age : from girls of school age to 58- years - old women.Ivan develops both training programs and cross-fit programs. He had over 30 professional photoshoots and keep living fitness and healthy lifestyle and to helps the others to achieve their fitness goals.